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The Elephant Challenge

Maze: The Elephant Challenge is a desktop game for Linux and Windows which focuses on solving mazes. The goal of the game is to visit every place in the game, including a number of secret locations. The central piece of the game is a huge maze called Elephant which has to be solved in order to "beat the game".

Maze: The Elephant Challenge for Windows (18.3 Mb)
(Windows Defender might complain about the file, but it is safe)

Maze: The Elephant Challenge for Linux (18.3 Mb)
(Install the OSS audio package if there is no sound)

Title screen

Video demo

While on your journey, you are assisted by two teleporters, which allow you to move back and forth between locations. Very useful to not have to return after having made a wrong turn - just put a teleporter before making a difficult decision and then return quickly.

The game features an original soundtrack with all tunes written especially for the game.

One of game locations.

At times you will all be surrounded by passages!

The game saves your progress. To do that press S at any time or ESC to save and exit.


This game would truly be impossible without Game Editor. Fantastic tool for game creation, it is inspiring, comfortable to work with and is powered by an enthusiastic community. Thanks fellas!


I am equally obliged to resources http://charas-project.net/, http://rpg2000.4players.de/ and http://opengameart.org/. Keep them sprites coming!

Although most mazes were generated, hand edited and some even drawn from scratch by myself, I owe several sophisticated pieces to Daedalus, probably the best maze program on the planet. Walter, you are definitely The maze geek! Infinite respect!

Several of my maze enthusiastic friends should not go unnoticed, namely Sash and Gnom, whose eagerness to play the game fueled the race to completion.

My wife and her putting up with me while I disappeared from social life doing this game, as well as her advice on gameplay, were of great value.