This is a homepage of a very heartwarming wrenchthrowing game
loved by gamers all over the world.


Wrenchman for GNU/Linux
Wrenchman for Windows
Wrenchman for Mac

How to play

You have 10 wrenches which you throw at enemies to kill them. However, your ammo is never replenished, so you will have to pick wrenches back up. If you loose more than 5 wrenches, it will be impossible to beat the game, as the boss requires 5 consecutive hits.

In the game you battle against the clock. If time runs out - you loose. Each slain enemy gives you bonus seconds and this allows you to top up "max time". As "max time" increases, new enemies begin appearing. Many of them have special abilities that make it harder for you to collect your wrenches. Full list of enemies and their abilities can be obtained by hitting F1 in the game. You can also look at the picture down below.

There are also diamonds that give you score. When you reach score 100, it will give you a bonus 30 seconds. Then you can continue to go for another 100 to get the next bonus 30 seconds.

Arrows - to move
Space - throw wrench
P - pause
F1 - help
Esc - exit

Note: you can go off screen to appear on the other side