Louigi Verona's Workshop

I live in Berlin and take creative interest in a variety of topics, primarily music, game design, critical thinking and several other things you can find on this very site.

Creator of project "droning".

Inventor of Perfectionist.

Author of the somewhat famous Blockchain Q&A, which has rattled blockchain supporters on more than one occasion.

Author of a book which debunks Richard Stallman's radical version of the free software philosophy "On the justification of the four freedoms", by implying fact checking and sound argumentation.

The founder of Skeptics Society, an international organization which promotes science and critical thinking, chairman 2013-2015. I am no longer involved with the organization, but still don't take shit from people who believe BS.
My current interests in the field of critical thinking include researching conspiracy theories and conspiratorial thinking, the (un)likelihood of success, con artistry and unscientific hiring practices.

I work as a Product Manager at SoundCloud.

"Louigi Verona's Workshop" is an active platform for all my work, so if you are interested in what I do, make sure to drop by from time to time. If you would like to support my work, I would definitely welcome that!

Louigi Verona.