Louigi Verona's Workshop

First Continent (ambient/tribal)
Patterns on a Silk Cloth... (soundscape)
Cryptodome (ambient drone)
Nebulous (ambient drone)
Watching sunlight fall through crowns of trees
Landscapes From Above (ambient drone)
Tranquility (electronic/drum)
Voltage (ambient drone)
15 Orbs of Votsor (electronic/chillout)
Galaxies (electronic/chillout)
Hovering Over The World (ambient)
Background Music vol. 1 (electronic/chillout)
Another Reality (acid/trance)
Radiogram (ambient drone)
Electricity (noise ambient)
Life Inside Machine (demoscene/synthpop)
Daydream Sessions (ambient/chillout)
Life In The Troposphere (ambient)
89-98 (ambient)
Window In The Sky (ambient/dub)
Personal Diaries of an Arrant Space Cowboy (electronic/melodic)