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Ashwood's biography is not very well known. We only know what he said about himself in a short notice:

87 years around, presently live in Cambodia. I look upon myself as an old turnip.
However, it has been known that several releases I've made became important milestones in the development of music. In fact, I can be looked upon as one of the major composers of contemporaneity.
My discography is full of variety, from pop efforts to experimental and hardly listenable.
Please keep in mind that I am currently working on 34 albums, each of them it's own voice in the soundscapes of tomorrow.
For more than 48 years I have been serving in the Blue Flame Cavalry, alongside Ronald Edward, Steven Badward, Josh Stateward, Kev Lapward, Bill Greenward, Kate Pateward, Phil Steward and other fine officers.

Ashwood's close friend is composer John Rhino, whom he often mentions in album notes, by calling him "one of the most unknown contemporary composers". He also mentions his cook, Margaret T. Bull, who condemns his experimental music and once had even threatened to poison Ashwood's food if he released a tune which she thought would harm the world. A boy named Charlie lives across the street. He did not return Ashwood's video game after taking it to try out and Ashwood is still plotting his revenge.


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