Louigi Verona's Workshop

Only Slightly Embarrassing

Compilations of early music

There is something mesmerizing in being able to go back in time through music. And while for me this has nostalgic value, you might find it interesting to check out what I was up to when I was just starting out, trying to find my path as an artist. And of course, just like in all such compilations, there are probably one or two gems in there.

Additionally, a lot of these were exposed to 2-3 people tops. My first "album" was burned onto a single CD, and the only person who gave it a spin was my friend in school. Things I was later releasing online received much more exposure, but most of this happened in dying tracking communities in the early 2000s. I was one of the Top 10 artists at the new Trax In Space, and getting 50 plays was pretty much the best you could do. So somehow I want to give these old tunes a second chance. Perhaps, one of these is waiting to be discovered by you!

These two compilations encompass my work between 2002 and around 2007. Volume 1 focuses on melody-driven pieces, volume 2 offers a selection of something with a more prominent beat and electronic sound.

I've only included tunes which seem palatable and/or curious to me in 2019. Most of them feature your standard amateur production quality, with very little use of EQ, lots of lows, poor mixing decisions, etc. Compositionally a lot of it is also quite unremarkable, and you can see me re-using same approaches from track to track. But hey! That's the price of time travel! So, sit back and prepare to be blown away by Louigi Verona of the 2000s!